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             Denver's only full time video game truck. 

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About us.......

Rolling Video Games Colorado- Denver's unique and fresh approach to birthday parties and events. We are the original Video Game Party in the Mile High City!  


With Rolling Video Games Colorado- We come to your location with a 32 foot Luxury custom trailer outfitted with 5 HD 55" 1080 flat screens- 4 XBOX and Xbox One consoles, Nintendo Switch, 2 Nintendo WII, and 2 WII U, along with our extensive collection of video game titles.


Our trailer is state of the art, complete with vibrating stadium seating for 16 gamers- No need to worry about the weather, our gaming trailer comes with  air conditioning and heat. We have you covered either way.

This is the Ultimate event that everyone is talking about- Almost  all your invitees are guaranteed to attend. RVG Colo is a console based local multi player format. Your event will be something to remember! 




 2014 by Rolling Video Games Colorado. 



We know that there are many types of games out there and we want you to know their ratings.  Click here for ratings on all games. 


Our video game library grows all the time. We have plenty of E and E10 games as well as M rated games for our older players. 

Don't see your favorate game? Just ask....